Capture, Contain, Process, and Re-purpose Washout Water and Materials on the Job Site or Back in Your Yard


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The Porta-Pit is the Perfect Solution to Capture Your Waste Water and Materials:

  • It is portable! Easily moved, emptied and stored with a fork lift.

  • Has a secure lid to avoid spillage; can be transported with water in it or covered (to keep humans, animals and rain water out when not in use).​

  • Made with cross linked heavy duty, industrial plastic. Requires no oils or releasing agents, concrete is simply removed by turning it upside-down. ​

  • Also includes strong metal support for durability

  • Small footprint for easy accessibility and storage

  • Also good for paint, drywall, and other containment issues

  • The Porta-Pit is a stand-alone system that can also be used with our Porta-Pit Washout Water Treatment System. (Great for treating High pH and suspended solids!)

In conjunction with the Porta-Pit, we offer a wide variety of system options depending on your specific application to neutralize concrete washout water.  We have systems designed specifically for ready mix, precast, on the job site, hydrodemolition, potable, and wastewater treatment. Let us know what your needs are.

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